The Terrell Davis Group Experience

“Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that’s in rhythm or you’re in trouble.” – Sugar Ray Robinson

Here at the Terrell Davis Group, we firmly believe that everything you do must be in alignment with your rhythm. Every step that you take must bring you towards your overall vision.

The best way that we know how to help is to leverage the collective time and experience of our team members to effectively and consistently deliver a full suite of services to our clients.

Consumers benefit from having the support of an entire team, leveraging the diversity and skill set of each individual team member.  From Expert Advisors, Buyer Specialists, Client Advisors, as well as Listing, Closing, and Marketing Coordinators to our Operations Manager, this team approach makes the buying and selling process easy and streamlined for our clients and ensures the purchase or sale is optimized with the consumer experience as our top priority.

Our Client Advisors play an instrumental role in identifying our clients’ specific needs, time frame, and any non-negotiables.  From there, one of our Expert Advisors will begin the process with you, outlining a strategy to either sell your home or begin the search for your new home. If we don’t properly understand your ultimate goals and what you want to accomplish, then we have done you a disservice.

Our collaborative approach allows us to leverage the expertise of more than one real estate brain with Kevin Schumacher as our leader with 23 years of experience.  Can you imagine having surgery with only one person performing all the tasks and yet keeping up with other patients?  Our Listing and Closing Coordinators utilize our proven systems to assure the consumer that every last detail is managed while staying in direct contact with a dozen or so people that play intricate roles in the sale or purchase of your home.

The average agent only sells 6-8 homes a year, unlike our team, which sells multiple homes each week. Could you imagine trusting your major life decisions to a professional that is only involved in their business every other month? Performing at this volume allows us to invest in technology at very high levels and implement aggressive marketing strategies that will not only attract local buyers but also extend to regional and national markets. This is what allows you to fully expose your home to the masses and attract multiple buyers.

Our primary goal is to find the perfect buyer for your home.  However, what we enjoy the most are the relationships we build.  We are here to help you understand the current market and to handle every detail in the process so that you and your family can achieve your home-related goals while knowing you have the support of an entire team behind you.

If you have questions about the market or what your home might be worth, we would love to talk to you to find out how we can help bring your vision to reality.

Meet our Team or contact one of our Expert Advisors directly at (720) 230-3030 or to discuss your home needs today!