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5 Space-Saving Solutions and Storage Ideas

There can never be enough storage space in a home! Here are five great ideas to turn small spaces into storage masterpieces!

There can never be enough storage space in a home! Here are five great ideas to turn small spaces into storage masterpieces!

1. Over the Door Storage

In areas such as the laundry room or a smaller bathroom an over the door shelf is the perfect storage solution. Use a floating shelf that matches the color design of your room. The perks of using a floating shelf is that it will easily fit in any small space without the trouble of brackets getting in the way!


Image Credit: Marthastewart.com

2. Corner Floating Shelves

Corner floating shelves offer the perfect and aesthetically pleasing solution to add decoration to any room. You can use these shelves as a modern bookshelf or even a kitchen spice shelf.


Image Credit: Rich Bowen vis Flickr

3. Inside Cupboard Rack

This idea is great for small storage items such as plastic wrap and aluminum foil. The great part is that you can use anything from small shelving to even a metal magazine filer! Just be sure that you use short screws when mounting it to the inside of your cupboard.


Image Credit: apartmentapothecary.com

4. Coat Rack Shoe Storage

An alternative way to storing your shoes by your door is to install your typical handy coat rack just above your floor board! As you come in the door you will have a space to hang both of your shoes out of the way and off the floor.


Image Credit: Anthony Easton via Frickr

5. Magnetic Strip Storage

This storage solution can be used for a multitude of rooms! In the kitchen use a magnetic strip to hang your knives and metal utensils. In the bathroom this is the perfect solution for bobby pins, which every lady know seem to go missing as bad as chapstick! This can also be a useful tool for the shop, storing wrenches, screwdrivers and any metal tools.


Image Credit: Tomas Quinones via Flickr

Let us know what you think about these ideas below or if you decide to try one for yourself!

3 comments on “5 Space-Saving Solutions and Storage Ideas

  1. ABsolute genius!!! I am in love with the sneakers hanging idea!! will definitely try!! Just posted my home design trends for 2017! hope you like them!!


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