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5 Trending Kitchen Designs

2017 Kitchen design trends guaranteed to add value to your home!

Spring is known for new beginnings. This is especially true in real estate where Spring is known as one of the most popular times to buy or sell a home!

Remodeling a kitchen can have benefits to both buyers and sellers. If you are selling your home there are simple and cost effective ways to add value to your home through small remodels before you sell. Kitchens are large focal points to a home considering the amount of time that is spent in this room.

Buyers benefit from kitchen remodels in their personal use in addition to adding value to their new home!

Here are 5 trending kitchen designs that can be cost effective and add instant value to your property!

Color in the Kitchen

When looking to paint your kitchen it is important you choose a color that you absolutely love. Home designs after 1970 switched to an ‘open design’ concept and usually the highlight of this open concept is the kitchen.

Adding color to your kitchen will help to add value believe it or not. Last year Zillow released a study that homes with white kitchens sell for $1,400 less than homes with yellow kitchens.

Image Credit: Jax House

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have gained a lot of popularity when it comes to back-splash kitchen designs. You can not watch an HGTV show that doesn’t have a home with kitchen back-splashes nowadays!

Subway tiles offer a classic and versatile design choice for your kitchen. They work really well with modern, industrial and classical styles in your home and are very affordable compared to other options.

Image Credit: Nancy Hugo

Cerused Wood

Cerusing wood is a technique of staining wood so that it accents the grains of the cut of wood. This technique, derived from the French, has become a popular rustic look for kitchen cabinets and can be done as a DIY project.

Image Credit: Walkinggeek


This is of course nothing new to a kitchen design. Marble has forever been a popular item in the kitchen. This trend is making a comeback in modern kitchen designs because you can achieve this look in a cost effective way using laminate, concrete, painted faux finishes and even cheaper material such as quartz.

While this has commonly been used for counter tops as a design we are seeing more trends of this being used as a back-splash to add just a touch of elegant color to a kitchen.

Image Credit: Williamkitchendesign

Beverage Stations

Entertaining friends and family in your own home can often be challenging with everyone and their significant others piling into your kitchen. Entertaining friends and family will always be something that you have to do! With great food you need to also have good drinks. Whether you dedicate an entire portion of counter space or a small niche area, this station provides a convenient way to serve friends and family or better yet have them serve themselves!

Image Credit: Ben Miller 

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