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The Northern Colorado Sign of Spring- Holiday Twin Drive-In Theater Announces its 2017 Opening

Holiday Twin Drive-In in Fort Collins, Colorado announces opening weekend for its 49th season!

Beyond the warm weather and mountains, another sure sign of spring in Northern Colorado is the announcement of the Holiday Twin Drive-In Movie Theater opening date.

According to the Holiday Twin Drive-In’s Tidbit account, they plan to open the 2017 season on the first weekend of May (5th and 6th).

A Northern Colorado Tradition

The smell of popcorn, old fashioned commercials of dancing refreshments, crammed cars with endless blankets, and memories through generations of Northern Colorado families is the hallmark of Holiday Twin Drive-In!

2017 marks the 49th season for the drive-in theater in Fort Collins, located at 2206 South Overland Trail in Fort Collins. Holiday Twin is one of six drive-in theaters though out Colorado and the only drive-in located in Northern Colorado!

At one point in the 1960’s, Fort Collins had three drive-in movie theaters. With the passing of time and change in culture, the popularity of drive-in theaters became a time of the past.

An article released last year by the Coloradoan highlighted the history behind this generational movie theater and how it has stayed in business in Fort Collins for so long. Wes and Stephanie Webb, owners of Holiday Twin Drive-In, have faced many challenges in their 38 years of ownership from the up-roaring of indoor movie theaters in the 1980’s to recent land development in the area. However, the owners do not plan selling or moving anytime soon. In fact, this is the last of six movie theaters the couple have owned. They plan on keeping it as long as Fort Collins wants them here.

This video does a great job capturing the essence of the Holiday Twin Drive-In and the sense of community that has been created due to this staple. We hope that this tradition is one that families in Northern Colorado can continue to share with new generations of family and friends to come.

If you are new to the area, we highly suggest that you take part in this NoCo tradition and find out for yourself why locals love Holiday Twin Drive-In!

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