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Three Reasons Now is the Time to Downsize Your Home

Is it the right time to downsize my home?

We come across this question often from older couples with children no longer living in their homes. The concern we most often hear is the thought of selling high and buying high.

Here is our expert advice on the topic.

1. In this highly favored sellers market you can receive top dollar for your home

Northern Colorado is experiencing a strong sellers market. We are seeing multiple offers for homes on the market and low months supply of homes that are at a lower to median price point. If you purchased your home a few years ago or longer, you may have a decent amount of equity that you can use to your advantage to plan for the future.

2. Homes that are at low to median price points are appreciating faster than higher price point homes

Believe it or not, homes that are smaller (and in more demand) are appreciating at a quicker rate than homes that are on the higher end of the spectrum. When choosing to downsize it is important to take the equity position approach to downsizing. What we mean by this is looking at your home almost as if it were a stock. Some stocks will appreciate much higher than others at a faster pace. Analyzing the gap between homes and comparing the potential value increases with hard facts and numbers will make you feel more comfortable in knowing you are making the right decisions.

3. Interest rates are still historically low

Though home prices are increasing, affordability of a home is composed of home prices, interest rates and income. The Northern Colorado market is healthy and continually growing.

Interest rates are still historically low! This means that while you are also selling your home for top dollar you are able to lock yourself in at an interest rate that could be lower than the home you are currently living in.

Interest rates

Overall work with an expert in the industry. Let them know your concerns and goals for downsizing your home. Have them help you to devise a plan that will best fit your needs all while helping you create a stable financial future for yourself and your family.

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