Home Valuations

Do you know the current market value of your Northern Colorado home?

The importance of knowing your current home value does not just apply to those looking to buy or sell their home but is paramount information that every homeowner should keep updated with.

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Selling Your Home:

If you are seeking information on selling your home you should always search a home valuation online estimator to get a general idea of what your home is worth. The net profit that you will make after the sale of your home can be calculated by using your selling price minus the loan balance minus the selling cost. Getting a better idea of the asking price will make you more informed when you consider selling.


You hear a lot that homeowners refinance their home in order to lower their current interest rate. What many do not know is that a lower rate does not always constitute a lower mortgage.If the refinanced loan amount is higher than the percentage for the value, you could be required to pay mortgage insurance. When taking into account additional closing costs and an extended length of your loan you are not always getting the deal you had thought. Knowing the value of your home before you start the process of refinancing could help you understand if refinancing will actually be financially beneficial.

Home Improvements:

Before you decide to embark on a large home renovation you need to guarantee that you will make back the money you are putting into your home. If your home valuation is on the more higher end of your neighborhood you need to consider that if you embark on a large renovation you may not yield a decent return on your investment. Understanding where your home is priced relative to your neighbors is important before making large home improvements.